How It Works

This Electronic Timer device, has two parts, one (main part) that will be operated by moderator and the second part (indicator) that will be placed anywhere (within a 9 foot radius) in front of the speaker.

The main part will be set in front of the moderator which acts as the command unit, has 4 preset Timing of 45 (42+3) , 30 (28+2), 15(13+2) and 5(4+1) minutes. The moderator has the option of selecting any of these timing just by touching on them. The Second part or unit, will be connected to main unit by a 9 foot long cable, has three color (Green, Yellow, Red) lights that up on the pushing the Start button by moderator will lit up consecutively to indicate the phase of the allocated time.

Typically, any speech has two parts, the main part of the presentation and the wrap up and conclusion. So, for example if a total of 30 minute time is selected, at the beginning, the Green light will and remain lit up for 28 minutes, and at the end of 28 minutes, the green Light will turn off and the Yellow light will lit up indicating that he or she has only 2 minutes to wrap up and conclude, after this 2 minutes elapses, the Yellow will turn off and the Red light will lit up, showing the end of total allocated time.

Furthermore just in case the speaker continues beyond the allocated time, a blinking command button is provided that by pushing it by the moderator it would blink the Red light and informing the speaker to stop. In the event that none of the 4 preset timing meets the moderator’s whish, he/she can use the manual button to set up any total allocated and wrap up time as whishes.

The operating software has been written by highly experience programmer and all electronic components are selected from top and reliable quality on the market to ensure a top quality product that could work for many years to come. Although, I am very confident that you would like it and appreciate the ease of use of this Speaker Timer, we will appreciate and encourage you to send us your comment and suggestion.

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