Make sure that debates are fair with a Time tracking controller

Debating and timed speaking is an important skill for many areas of life, including politics and business. Having the confidence to speak for a certain length of time, and to be able to make those arguments within the set period, can often help candidates to important positions, or encourage businesses to invest in the speaker. Not only are debate timers important during these highly significant discussions, they are also important during community debates, and in schools. For all of these different discussions and debates, it is vital to have a way to make sure that an equal time is allocated to all, and that all agree that the debate was held fairly. Why is time so important in debate? In communities, it is easy to feel that one section of the population receives an unfair amount of political time, or undue attention giving its membership. During debates, these feelings can be displayed as accusations that the judges are not practicing fair timekeeping during debates. All moderators and human time-keepers can make errors, but it can be the start of accusations of allowing some speakers more time to make their point. Some have noted, for example, that one political speaker will […]

Does your school need a Debate Simple Timer Clock?

Debating skills are important for schoolchildren to learn, since they help them to master topics which would otherwise have simply been learnt by rote. Debates engage children and teenagers much more than simple classroom studies, but they also teach important social skills, including taking turns, being patient, and allowing others to speak. In order to teach these values, the debates have to be ordered, and so it is important for adults to properly manage these debates. In the question of handling debates, it is important to ensure that rules are properly enforced, and this is where a Debates simple timer clock can be so important. How much time is given to debates? Most school debates start with two teams which compete against each other, with the most persuasive team being awarded a win. The topic needs to have a series of timed events in order to proceed: children will have 20 minutes to learn their arguments, and then the teams are divided into pairs. Each pair is given a specific time to speak. Most schools use a 5-minute period to allow the child to speak, since they are most likely to be able to speak for this period, and to […]

Debate Speaker Timer Clock

The importance of the debate Speaker timer clock

Hosting a debate is a tough job, and whether the debaters are high school children or college kids, a well-functioning speaker is vital to encouraging children to learn about the value of debating, and to learn that an equal portion of the debate needs to be given to all sides. When arranging a debate, one of the most important tools that the host needs to purchase is the debate speaker timer clock. These devices help to make sure that each speaker observes the time limit, and ensures that there is no cheating and no unfair advantages are given to any speaker. By ensuring that these devices are displayed before the debaters come into the hall, and that they know exactly what time they will have, the host can encourage an interesting debate. What is the timer? The most common type of timer clock used by debate societies is a reverse timer.  These clocks have a set time, and slowly count down from that, so that the speaker always knows exactly how long they have to debate. The clock can be set for 5 or 15 minutes, depending upon the time allocated for each speaker, and then the timer is set […]

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Best Speaker Time Clock

The best speaker time clock is like having your own personal time trainer. With it, there’s no need to hire a coach just to track your time in practicing your speech. It eliminates your tendency to look at the clock while presenting or speaking to an audience. During your session, it can track time, making your clients feel special. Through the use of a speaker time clock, you don’t have to guess about when you’re going to finish or start wrapping up your speech. It will also help you know exactly when you need to end. All of these benefits can be obtained without having to look at the clock. As a Presentation Timer The best speaker time clock is an ideal tool for speakers. It becomes a silent reminder for them to transition from one point to another using any of the alarms included. What it means to you? You know where you are in your speech and how you can shift to different topics. As a speaker, you can pace your speech or presentation through the silent reminder at regular intervals. With that in mind, you’ll stay on track throughout your presentation. And as mentioned earlier, you know […]

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Conference Debate Speaker Timers

Conference debate speaker timers can give you right to the point. With these timers, you can take control of your meetings or discussions with clients. Even as you speak, you can keep track of your time, as long as you have set the correct time of your choice. Can They Only Be Used During a Conference? This type of timer isn’t only useful or effective during a conference. In fact, teachers are using it to maximize their time in teaching their students. They’re especially useful if the teachers are helping students in learning the art of public speaking. In any type of meetings, this timer can avoid speakers and attendees to get out of control. That way, they can prevent debates from taking a lot of time on one speaker. EDI’s Conference Debate Speaker Timers Conference debate speaker timers of EDI may look like a very simple design but they are much simpler than they look. The timer comes with 4 preset timing. And each timer can be activated with a simple touch of a finger. There’s a manual time setting that you can set from 15 seconds to 99 minutes. With those timing settings, you can easily control the […]