About Us

As a community activist, I have witnessed many unpleasant complaint and protests from speakers and audiences about unfair timekeeping by the moderator between speakers, even if it was just an honest mistake.

So I start looking for an economical but professional and precise Time Keeper device to help in resolving this issue for me and many other people.

At first, like anyone else, I start searching on Internet to see if there is a device for this purpose. After several hours of search, I did find a few similar devices, but some of them were just a toy and others that could work, had a very high price tag, that could not fit in my budget or many others like me.

So I decided to roll up my sleeves and putting my extensive professional design experience as and love for electronics to work, to design and manufacture an electronic device for time management. Having that in mind, I began to do some research about the average length of speech time for any speaker to present his/her argument, and audience’s needed time for questions or rebutting. The main issue for any speaker is to have enough time to deliver his/her presentation and argument without being interrupted or disturbed by moderator for the remaining time with verbal or a handout note on a piece of paper. A device such as this, not only helps the speaker in focusing on the issue that is about to deliver, will also provide the audience a sense of fairness and equal time allocation to all speakers.

This product, that hopefully you will purchase one, meets all of above mentioned criteria. I used my extensive experience in foreseen any possible issue or problem that might arise in the future and trying to eliminate them before it happens, so this Device that could be called; Speech Timing, Speaker Timer, Timelimit etc. is a precise time managing tool, with a beautiful appearance and at the same time very economical that can fit in any person or group’s budget.